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Here, you will only find high quality products of German and French origin. We attach great importance to the way the products are manufactured and, of course, to the quality of the ingredients. We favour ingredients of certified organic cultivation.


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Bio-energetic Care Ointment



The skin is our largest organ. Thus it needs our attention and loving care, especially when it is confronted with stress and strain, and is reduced in its functions.


PHYTOSOLplus is a high-quality alternative for the skin: purely natural without paraffin or other petroleum products, and without synthetic fragrances or synthetic colouring agents.


In an ideal combination, PHYTOSOLplus contains different treasures of nature:


- Intensively caring cold pressed vegetable oils of partly organic cultivation

- Precious propolis, bees wax, and clay compound (bentonite and hectorite).

- A complex composition of high-quality regenerating extracts and essences from plants.

- Unrefined crystallized salt as an energetic factor. It transports a mixture of precious minerals and electrolytes into your skin.


Skincare and Massage

Be good to yourself every day!


PHYTOSOLplus is our bio-energetic care ointment for:


- The intensive care of strained skin;

- A massage ointment for the body, feet and joints;

- Cosmetic massage, and for massaging yourself.


Using PHYTOSOLplus correctly

For the care of the skin’s stressed regions you should apply PHYTOSOLplus 1 to 3 times daily to the affected areas. Then massage into your skin using a circular motion until absorbed. If necessary, repeat this several times a day. You can apply PHYTOSOLplus directly to the skin, or you moisten your hands with water prior to massaging in. If the skin is extremely dry, you should massage PHYTOSOLplus together with cold pressed or natural cosmetic skin oil of high quality into your skin.


For massages of the body, feet or joints you should combine PHYTOSOLplus with water.By the way, a massage of the body with PHYTOSOLplus is an extremely energizing wellness event: just apply it to the wet skin after having a shower or bath!


It is always a question of the ingredients

An ointment is as good as its ingredients:


Water, grape seed oil, glycerine (the simplest trivalent alcohol, a building block of all vegetable oils), cetearyl alcohol (fatty alcohol blend of cetyl and stearyl alcohols from vegetable oils), olive oil*, bee wax, safflower oil*, cetearyl glucoside (fatty acid glucoside), hectorite (magnesium-aluminium-silicate clay compound), palmitic acid (component of many natural waxes and oils), stearic acid (derived from the saponification of vegetable oils and fats), shea butter*, lactic acid (non-dairy, bio-technically produced without genetically modified organisms), bedenyl alcohol (fatty alcohol derivative of vegetable oils), manuka oil, tea tree oil*, lavender oil, myrrh extract, chamomile extract*, arnica extract, comfrey extract, propolis, patchouli oil, silica, bentonite (green clay compound, from volcanic ashes), zinc oxide (natural mineral), xanthan gum ( microbial polysaccharide produced as a metabolic by-product of the bacteria Xanthomonas campestris), sodium lactate (sodium salt of lactic acid), sodium chloride (common salt), potassium chloride (from salt water), magnesium sulphate, calcium chloride potassium sorbate (originates from the unripe fruits of the rowan ), vitamin E (from wheat germ oil),ingredients from essential oils (linalool, limonene, cinnamyl alcohol, geraniol).


*from certified organic cultivation


PHYTOSOLplus meets the strict regulations of natural personal care (Naturkosmetik according to the BDIH, see www.kontrollierte-naturkosmetik.de), no animal-testing, no animal by-products.



Bio-energetic ointment for animals


Rapid regeneration of the strained animal skin

SONNENPFERD bio-energetic care ointment for animals is a natural ointment for the care of stressed animal skin. From rabbit skin to the sensitive skin of the horse: SONNENPFERD ointment is a high-quality choice for the rapid regeneration of the “largest organ”.


“Natural” is always better – likewise with animals.

Are you a conscientious consumer and prefer high-quality products containing natural ingredients without dubious additives? Then, don’t make compromises concerning your pet! With SONNENPFERD animal ointment containing the tried and true recipe of PHYTOSOLplus you apply only the finest ingredients to sensitive animal skin.


How to use it:

Apply SONNENPFERD ointment 1 to 3 times a day to the problematic areas of the animals skin, and massage it tenderly. If necessary, you can repeat this several times during the day. If you want to apply SONNENPFERDointment to the mane or similar zones, you should fill the ointment mixed with oil or water into a syringe’s plunger. Thus, you don’t have to cut away any hair or fur of the animal. 


Each animals’ skin is different. If you believe that a more oily consistence would be convenient, just blend the ointment with some cold-pressed vegetable oil (for example olive oil – please, don’t use oils based on petroleum like Vaseline, or on paraffin). The ointment is water-soluble and is very well and quickly absorbed into the skin.


The composition of SONNENPFERD bio-energetic ointment for animals is equivalent to the one of PHYTOSOLplus. The complete declaration of the ingredients, as well as other information, can be found in the product description of PHYTOSOLplus.



Guinea pigs don’t tolerate tea tree oil. Please, don’t apply it to the skin of guinea pigs.



Ionised pH-acidic crystallized salt water


This ionised water serves for the intensive care of stressed skin areas, and is also applicable for the care of the mucous membrane. It contains a high amount of oxidants, and gets swiftly to the required areas. You can combine it perfectly with PHYTOSOLplus For this purpose, you should spray belaDerm on the affected region, then wait 5 minutes until it is dry before applying the ointment to the same area. Or, you can spray belaDerm on a tissue and lay that on the affected area.



Ionised pH-acidic crystallized salt water for animal care


belaVet is ionised pH-acidic water for animals, and can also be used for the intensive care of stressed skin and mucous membrane. For this purpose you just spray it on the affected areas. It can be easily combined with SONNENPFERD bio-energetic care ointment for animals. For added benefit you can add, from time to time, some splashes of belaVet into the animal’s drinking water.


Hint: belaVet and belaDerm contain only water and crystallized salt which was ionised via a definite frequency of electric current.


SONNENPFERD biological sprays

A composition of 100% purely natural essences

from certified organic cultivation or wild harvesting



Biological sprays from SONNENPFERD are authentic fragrance experiences.


Bad smells, heating conditions or bad atmosphere in the car – you should always have your favourite spray from SONNENPFERD on hand.


Just hold the spray bottle above your head and spray several times. After a few seconds you smell the pleasant and natural scent which diffuses and leaves a wonderfully fresh energizing climate in the air. You can’t compare these sprays with synthetic sprays which often leave a heavy perfume-like and obtrusive scent in the room.


All essences are exclusively from certified organic cultivation or wild harvesting.


You can purchase SONNENPFERD biological sprays in 4 different fascinating fragrance compositions:


Water CASCADE: European silver fir, Douglas fir, grapefruit.

Flower PRAIRIE:  Peppermint, lavender, European silver fir, lemon.

Spices PINEDE:  Orange, clove, nutmeg.

Forest SOUS-BOIS: Pine, rosemary, fir tree.


SONNENPFERD biological essences

100% pure natural water vapour distilled essences from France


Also, we do not accept compromises concerning our essences. 


SONNENPFERD essences are not cheap merchandise with uncontrollable additives or even synthetically imitated perfume oils. Indeed, they are “the soul of the plant” in the best sense of the word. 


All our essences are handmade in a small French still at the edge of Central Massif. During the traditional water vapour distillation over log fire, only plants from certified organic cultivation or wild harvesting are used. It goes without saying that during the production no synthetic distillation additives are used. 


Experience the buoyant stimulating bloom of a lemon grove at your desk. Or make your apartment a place full of Southern French flair with the charming fragrance of lavender or the beguiling herb scent of rosemary. Select your favourite fragrances from our small but fine assortment. 


Go here to view all available essences. If you prefer other essences than those listed, send us a mail, please. We will try to obtain them for you.